Cam Rahn Bay looking from guard tower & bunker
When was the last time you cleaned your weapon, Soldier
DBT from a different look, latrine in background.
Sign on control tower at DBT runway.
Company mascott, one of many.
DBT's 100 ft. runway, PSP at it's best.
Going to the beach at Cam Rahn Bay
We had to bribe them to get OUT, not IN
Headquarter's Hootch
How did they get 20 people inside that van
Cobra, ready for action
Local Kid
Must have been beautiful when it was new.
Skycrane, from a nearby unit,
I spent a lot of time in this Tower and bunker.
The Greyhound bus to downtown
This was Baby-san that did my laundry.
Village outside of gate.
What a beautiful site.
Last day in country, going back to the World.