Cleveland Ashley with Vietnamese observers
Maj. Ed Harris presenting Captain's bars to Cleveland Ashley October 5, 1969.
Jim McHaney in the communications bunker.
Phan Rang area: Inside the Seahorse/ALOFAC flight shack. (From left to right) SP4 Gary Olson, SP4 Jim Penzin, Cpt. Robert Hodes, Airman Rivera and SP4 Joe Glasscock
Phan Rang area: SP4 Joe glasscock and Jim Penzin looking at a new Polaroid Instant Picture camera. Jim still has this camera and it still works
Phan Rang area: Cpt. Hodes was in charge of the Seahorse platoon from around May or June of 1969
A picture of Miss. Lawn. Miss Lawn was a bartender at one of several mini Airman clubs located throughout Phan Rang.
Airman Page going away party at the mini airman club tended by Miss. Lawn. (left to right) Airman Page, SP4 Joe Glasscock and Airman Berry
SP4 Jim Penzin wishing farewell to Cpt. Roger Kaminskis on October 12, 1969. Both are from the state of Michigan
Cpt. Walker (left) shaking hands with Cpt. Kaminskis while WO Pettyjohn looks on
SP4 Jim McHaney next to a friend's O-1 Birddog.
Jerry Lemons in the spring of 1971 'burning some old ammo'. Jerry is the skinny one and the fellow in the foreground is a SP5.(If anyone knows his name please send me an e-mail
Jerry Lemons flying his Birddog
Jerry Lemons getting a little leisure time
Jerry Lemons by his Hooch
James Benoit took this picture at the Dong Ba Thin mess hall on Thanksgiving day 1969
James Benoit reporting for guard duty with an M-60 in 1968
James Benoit during his time as a platoon SGT in Phan Rang
Presentation of Air Medals in 1969
From left to right, SFC Roger Willis and WO Mike Harwood
From left to right, WO Mike Harwood and CPt. Haugh
Montagnard patrol outside of Dalat
WO Harwood (center) with Crewchief (left) and USAF Crewchief (right)